“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Carl Jung


Alchimie Group is a boutique executive search and talent management consultancy helping world leading organizations shape their leadership culture and improve their business performance.

Alchimie Group operates across diverse industries, regions and functions, connecting individuals through an ever-expanding advocacy network of trusted leaders and emerging talent.

Alchimie Group focuses on character and competency-based hiring and talent development, acting as a proactive partner to global companies at the cutting edge of their given sectors.

Peter Smith is an award winning account manager in both sales & marketing and executive search, a recruitment trainer and career coach, and the Managing Director of Alchimie Group. A graduate in Theology, he started his executive search career in 1998 and established Alchimie Group in 2007 with the primary objective of providing diversified global organisations the ability to hire leaders and emerging talent, based on their proven competencies and contribution to company performance and culture.


Talent Acquisition - knowledge and relationship-based executive search: providing global companies a gateway to proven leadership and emerging talent across four continents, and in all key business functions.

Career Advocacy - providing career guidance to industry champions and leaders with a unique philosophy for identifying opportunity and future progression: helping individuals identify their core character and competencies and to successfully navigate their career journey.

Career Advocacy and Outplacement Consultancy

Business Consulting - helping organisations improve their Talent Resourcing and Leadership Development programs: providing training in proactive recruitment methodologies, competency-based interviewing and assessment and in talent-based market and competitor analysis.

Business Consulting

"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety."
- Abraham Maslow


Alchimie Group is continually expanding its global Advocacy Network through personal and confidential recommendation on a very simple but powerful premise: ‘good people know good people’.

With over twenty years of experience delivering difficult and challenging projects around the world, our Advocacy Network represents some of the most capable business leaders and emerging talent in numerous connecting industries and in every corner of the globe.

Our objective is to enable our advocates, clients and candidates, to make powerful and sometimes difficult decisions for change and progression.

Client Advocacy

Our Partners (client advocates) include global champions in diverse organizations and sectors, who engage mission-critical programs to deliver their business objectives and goals. Our Partners trust in our expertise and approach to engage the business community on their behalf.

Universal characteristics of leadership

“The behaviour of a business’s leaders is, ultimately, the behaviour of the organization. As such, it’s the foundation of the culture.”

Larry Bossidy

Candidate Advocacy

Alchimie Group works with leaders and emerging talent at the pinnacle of their respective industries, presenting dynamic opportunity to individuals identified through personal recommendation, based on their character and experience, and not on their interest in a career move or change.

For Alchimie Group, advocates represent the leaders and future leaders of their organisations and can be characterised by extraordinary qualities that set them apart from their peers.


Alchimie Group believes in the unity of diversity – a common purpose for all. Advocates are defined not by their status or history, but by their contribution - to their organisation, their team, their colleagues and their community. Every individual is unique and valuable in their own right, which means every interaction we make is irrespective of their cultural, political, gender or ethnic identity.

Alchimie operates across transversal and interactive business sectors, most particularly where new technologies converge with advanced manufacturing.

“When you were made a leader you weren't given a crown, you were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others.”

Jack Welch

Our reach reflects our global clients, transcending geographies and industries, and creating a dynamic network of proven and emerging leadership around the world. This affords us an enviable source of recommendation across business functions and through all management tiers.

Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial Manufacturing, Packaging, Consumer Electronics, Technology, Professional Services

France, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, China, USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil

Supply Chain, Purchasing, HR, Operations, General Management, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Intellectual Property, Finance

Alchimie global reach


Stored Knowledge

The knowledge we possess – Recruitment industry expertise and deep knowledge of the sectors, companies and people we engage.

Inside Knowledge


Applied knowledge

The knowledge we deploy – An ability to identify new opportunities, to reach new individuals, to inspire and guide those we engage to future progress and positive decisions of change.


Shared knowledge

The knowledge of the network – An openness to learn and adapt within an ever-changing economic and technological world, utilising the knowledge of each other to achieve improvement and greater personal and business success.

Industry Insights

News & Q&A

“If knowledge is power then applied knowledge is a greater power, but the greatest use of power is undoubtedly the knowledge we share.”

Peter Smith