Career Advocacy and Outplacement Consultancy

Career Advocacy is a coaching course for individual executives considering their next career move, helping them to better understand their history, identify their own core values and competencies, to scope out their opportunities and to ‘self-actualise’ their futures.

Outplacement Consultancy applies the course principles to support executives who are exiting from companies following redundancy or retirement. It supports both the company and executive to facilitate a positive journey through the outplacement process, and on to their next opportunity, whether in work or retirement.

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Why Alchimie

Our breadth and depth of knowledge across industries and functions and expertise in the recruitment world, with experience of providing career counselling for over twenty years.

Our understanding of recruitment etiquette and how to navigate the ‘gate keepers to opportunity’ with professional rigor and to interview successfully.

Our understanding of the psychology of career related decision-making to ensure individuals avoid the pitfalls and choose the best company for them.

“Choose the company that chooses you”