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Pass On The Goodwill

Kevin Allen recently wrote in the Harvard Business Review of the significance of language influencing a companies culture, from top to bottom. Behaviour and language are intrinsically linked, meaning that small words often cast large reflections of an organisation. 

Great leaders recognise this, for example: 

- Horst Schulze of Ritz-Carlton, who shaped his employee's approach with "We're ladies and gentleman serving ladies and gentlemen."

- Rudy Giuliani, stating that "People created the problem so people can fix it", whilst trying to overcome New York's high crime rate. 

Inversely, language can pave the way for destructive practice as evidenced by leaders in the corporate finance sector adopting Gorden Gekko's phrase from the film Wall Street, "Greed is good", before the credit crunch.

At Alchimie we often talk about "Passing on the goodwill" - meaning that there is more to business than just the transaction. Rather we engage with people, relationships and diverse cultures. If goodwill is the end point of a deal (as opposed to purely financial) it not only benefits the short term, as we interact fully on all parts of the process, but it also builds trust in the long term.

And let that be what is passed on.

Kevin Allen - Harvard Business Review