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  • Fiat Must Grow

    Italian carmaker Fiat has expanded its geographical reach thanks to its acquisition of Chrysler but is still "too small" and "must continue to grow", according to Chairman John Elkann.

  • The Bank of Japan will aim to double the monetary base over two years through the aggressive purchase of long-term bonds, in a dramatic shift aimed at ridding Japan of the deflation that has dogged the country for almost two decades.

  • Growth For UK Services

    The UK's services sector grew at its fastest pace for five months in January, raising hopes that the economy will avoid falling back into recession.

  • EU Closer to Bank Union

    On the same day Cyprus’s parliament rejected a European Union bailout involving a tax on deposits, political leaders in the region reached a deal bringing the euro zone one step closer to a banking union.

  • Manufacturing growth quickened in March and the pace of hiring increased, suggesting the sector will contribute to stronger overall growth in the first quarter.

  • Toyota is to raise employee bonuses to their highest level in five years, in the latest sign that improving corporate profits are helping boost incomes in Japan.

  • China Tighten Banking Rules

    China is to rein in its fast-growing shadow banking system by requiring banks to provide extensive disclosures about the off-balance sheet investment products that they sell to customers, according to people briefed on the new rules.

  • Vote Deadlock In Italy

    Investors took fright at the prospect of prolonged political instability in Italy following a resounding electoral rebuff to austerity measures, with a spike in bond yields and sharp sell-off in equities.

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