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  • Spain has set out its austerity budget for 2013, with new spending cuts but protection for pensions, amid a shrinking economy and 25% unemployment.

  • More people in Asia became millionaires last year as the region’s economic growth and entrepreneurship helped generate affluence. The number of individuals in Asia-Pacific with investable assets of $1 million to $5 million climbed 1.9 percent to 3.08 million in 2011. Their total wealth increased 1.5 percent.

  • Anti-Japan protests spread across China on Tuesday, prompting many Japanese companies to halt operations, amid a bitter dispute over contested islands.

    Thousands of Chinese demonstrators marched outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing to mark the anniversary of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria.

  • Iceland's Economy Bounces Back

    Just four year's after Iceland's major banks collapsed and the currency plunged in value, the nation is now being praised by the IMF.

  • Germany's Constitutional Court gave a green light on Wednesday for the country to ratify the euro zone's new bailout fund and budget pact, but insisted the German parliament have veto powers over any future increases in the size of the fund.

  • India's industrial output was flat in July, adding to fears the country's economic growth spurt is over.

    The data, from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), showed output at factories, mines and utilities rose by 0.1%, a far better performance than the shrinkage of 1.8% in June.

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